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Wake Up And Do Something

Wake Up

The debut Terranomaly album was Wake Up, and it identified important challenges that America needs to address if it wants to be a Constitutional Republic again.

Do Something

The upcoming Do Something album identifies the things we can actually do to provide a correction to the course we find ourselves on, as despotic interests attempt to destroy the individual freedoms guaranteed by the Republic.

As all good bands do, we now have a book that reveals the meanings behind the lyrics from the viewpoint of the writer, not from some academic 10 years after the writer’s death.

Bookmark / Jumpdrive / Bracelet

Wake Up And Do Something is not only coming out in May in hardback, but is available in about every form one could want. The hardback book is special, because it comes with a bookmark that is a “slap bracelet” with a built-in jump drive. That drive has both albums on it, as well as some other songs Terranomaly has recorded. It also has the eBook, audioBook, and the pdf version.

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